Welcome our Game Changers: VIGO

28 June, 2023

In the next part of our series “Welcome our Game Changers” we would like to introduce you to

VIGO takes over the technical lead role in PhotoGeNIC and monitors and manages the research and innovation activities. VIGO is also the leader of WP2, “Emerging technology for future VCSEL on Ge,” and will develop the technology of MOCVD epitaxial growth of VCSEL structures on Ge wafers. VIGO Photonics is a global manufacturer of semiconductor materials and devices for the photonics and microelectronics industry. The Company’s product line includes advanced III-V epi-wafers, infrared detectors, and infrared detection modules. Vigo’s 30 years of successful presence in the global photonics markets and extensive expertise in epitaxy will ensure sustainable success, long-term vision, and cross-project roadmap of our project.