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The PhotoGeNIC consortium consists of seven partners from five countries (AT, BE, DE, FR, PL) including highly specialised SMEs, qualified university, advance research organisation and leading industrial companies. Their extensive know-how and long-lasting experience will allow the development of the new VCSEL industrial technology applying Ge large diameter substrates.


Technical Lead
Włodzimierz Strupiński
Vigo Photonics
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Project Coordinator
Patrick Leczek

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29 March, 2023

Talk with Umicore

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Ivan from Umicore. Ivan thinks it is amazing that the whole supply chain is involved in PhotoGeNIC and to work with experts from different fields. Umicore’s main task is, among other things, the production...
1 March, 2023

Talk with XenomatiX

We also had the opportunity to interview Jorrit from XenomatiX. Jorrit is looking forward to working on the new generation of VCSELs and LiDARs at PhotoGeNIC.
20 February, 2023



27 - 28

Kickoff Meeting


Villach, Austria
Internal project kickoff meeting

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